About Us

We emphasize usability, functionality and simplicity.

Richard Reid and Steve McMahon began working together in 1998 as volunteers at Davis Community Network's Web Team, teaching classes in web usability and assisting in site development for schools and non-profits.

Steve's expertise in computer science, programming and databases together with Richard's years of experience in graphic design and digital imaging proved to be a dynamic combination for effective web development.

In 2001, they formed Reid-McMahon, LLC to offer their services to non-profits, governmental agencies and small businesses.

The sites they develop emphasize usability, functionality and simplicity:

  • Clients are able to update their own sites using a simple through-the-web interface.
  • Page layout and site navigation are designed to make it easy to explore a site and find information.
  • Design is used to compliment, rather than overpower, content.
  • Graphics are simple, attractive and download very quickly.
  • Each site is created using HTML5 code, making it Web Standards compliant and enhancing its performance in modern web browsers.

Reid-McMahon has for several years, been using Plone, a leading open-source Content Management System, for developing sites which are both cost-effective and easy to use. Plone is widely used by organizations ranging in size from small non-profits to giants such as NASA, eBay and Marriott. Reid-McMahon, LLC is a Plone Foundation Sponsor.

Steve is an active Plone developer, working on Plone itself and popular add-ons. He's the developer of the PloneFormGen form generator and is release manager for the Unified, Vagrant and Ansible installers. He served on the Plone Foundation Board of Directors six times and has been secretary four times. Steve authored three chapters in Practical Plone and collaborated on a fourth. He was also a technical editor for Plone 3 Theming, Plone 3 for Education and Plone 3.3 Site Administration.